Health and Well Being

We are delighted to announce that we have received funding in partnership with The National League Trust to deliver a health and well being project to primary schools across Wrexham.

The purpose of the project is to educate young people within the community of Wrexham about key aspects of healthy living such as keeping fit and healthy, giving them awareness of the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking , preparing them to make the right choices when it comes to eating the right foodstuffs and drinking . It will then give the children enough information to spread the word to their peers and families and promote a healthy lifestyle throughout the schools of Wrexham.

The project will be based around both practical and theory. The children will participate in a four day workshop at the football stadium where the 20 chosen schools will come together to learn about fitness and healthy living. These days will include football , street dance and a Funky Food workshop will be provided to educate the children . They will make their own healthy food in the workshop and try healthy foodstuffs after a talk by the trained staff of the Funky Food company. Once the five days have been completed the RCF coaches will visit each of the schools and give 10 hours of contact time , 5 hours based outdoors and another 5 hours in the classroom. The modules will include the Body ,vital organs and how they work, sport and exercise and why we do it , smoking , drugs and alcohol and healthy eating. The outdoor modules will include a variety of sports.

Within these modules the children will design their own healthy lifestyle message to create a banner which will be specialist made and these will then be paraded around the Racecourse stadium at a first team game.

The children will participate in a four day sports event at Glyndwr University and this will incorporate different fitness events such as running , jumping , skipping , agility and various other sporting themes.

Once the children have paraded their banners around the stadium that Wrexham FC will incorporate the banners inside the stadium for public viewing during matches and to spread the message further to all other schools , groups, supporters and other organisations that visit the stadium on a weekly basis.

We will bring more information as the project develops.