What is Futsal?

Essentially it is a FIFA governed and international form of 5-a-side football, generally played indoors.

It is played with a slightly different ball and has side lines like the 11 a-side game.

Futsal is a rapidly developing sport in Britain with UEFA and FIFA club and international competitions.

Can I play Futsal and small sided football / 11 a-side football?

Yes. Many top Brazilian and Portuguese international stars like Ronaldo, Denilson, Roberto Carlos and Deco started by playing Futsal.

Skills are generic to both games. Playing Futsal increases the number of touches a player receives, increases and improves decision making and the fact the game is played in a smaller area improves techniques and skills.

What goes a Futsal session involve?

The aim is to introduce young players to football through a smaller version of the game.

It will include ball manipulation and small sided games to teach rules and develop players’ tecnhique, skills and co-ordination.

What kit do I need?

No specialist kit is required for participants, other than a t-shirt, shorts, socks and normal trainers plus plenty of fluid.

How can I find out more about Futsal?




All of our Futsal courses are run in line with school term times. The courses run across four different venues each week.

For more information or to book on any of the courses call 01978294414.

All sessions cost £3 and runs during school time.

Glyndwr University Sports Centre  

Courses run on Friday’s from 4pm-5pm.