Everyone has a responsibility to help keep others safe, in particular children, young people and other vulnerable people. The Racecourse Community Foundation staff will be constantly vigilant to ensure that visitors and other staff are not exposed to risk, abuse, harassment or harm. Parents or carers can also help with this by reporting any concern they have. Once people feel safe they can enjoy themselves. When children and young people feel safe, they will grow and develop as people and football players.

The Racecourse Community Foundation takes its responsibilities in this area very seriously. We have our own Safeguarding Policy, which demonstrates our commitment to helping keep children and young people safe. The Foundation also has many other associated policies and consistently applies guidance produced by the FA and FAW.

For further information or copies of the policies please contact Gemma Owen,, Joint Business Development Manager RCF.

Right Culture

The Racecourse Community Foundation recognises its legal and moral responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of any person who takes part in or attends its activities.

Right Environment

The Racecourse Community Foundation staff will be vigilant and listen to those in their care, and where appropriate, act on their needs or concerns. Everyone has the right to be safe and to feel safe. The Racecourse Community Foundation will work tirelessly across its workforce to provide and promote a safe environment for all players, parents, staff and visitors.

Right People

We are committed to providing a leading football programme through a talented workforce. All staff that come into regular contact with children and young people will be appropriately qualified, vetted, trained and supervised.

Right Behaviour

The Racecourse Community Foundation expects everyone here to treat others with respect and as such does not tolerate bullying, victimisation, harassment or abuse. We will treat any such instances very seriously and ensure that they are dealt with swiftly and fairly.

If you have a concern about a child or young person or an incident they have been involved in, then please contact the Business Development Manager in confidence.